The Explosion !

The Explosion

“The metro was exploding” is what my family and I thought 2 years ago. We were in Paris specifically in Disneyland, and we were on our way back to the hotel. The sun was starting to fade. We were terribly tired after a very long day. The metro was crowded. Almost everyone had got in the metro because Disneyland was closing. As soon as we got seated, the speakers turned on all in a sudden and a woman started speaking and I could hear the panic in her voice. Unfortunately, She was French!

Apparently, we were confused listening to this woman and none of us speak French, but despise the differences between languages, we understood the panic and the rush in her voice. My father started to worry. And in a second, the passengers around us were running and crushing each other to get out of the metro. People fell in the ground. Some of them seemed terrified. My father’s face went as white as a sheet. My brother went pale. We were utterly terrified and frightened. I stood up and started screaming, “the metro is going to explode” it was the only explanation for their behavior. So my father said, “Everybody get out” and his legs were shaking. Then I held my little brother’s hand and pushed him out of the metro. While I was pushing him, his new toy fell down. Afterward, we were finally out of that metro. My little brother was crying loudly because his toy was still there. Then my younger brother ran back as fast as he could to get the toy. While we were standing waiting for him, I was picturing the explosion in my mind and honestly, it was awful just like action movies. So I screamed and said “come back you will die, it is going to explode”. In the mean time, people were getting into the opposite metro, so we ran to it. We seemed lost. Literally, we were beyond fear and it was all in our faces. We were fearfully shaking. Finally, we sat down and I could hear the heartbeats pounding. People were staring at us, and they were whispering and laughing, as we were a joke. Luckily, there was a couple from Morocco in front of us they explained the whole situation. They comforted us that there was no explosion, but the system encountered a problem, which changed the metro’s direction.

As much as we were embarrassed, we were relieved. My family and I were thankful that it was just a misunderstanding. We now learned that before going to any foreign country, at least one of us has to speak their language. Since then, every time we see a metro, we laugh hard with a hint of embarrassment. But in spite of everything, it was a hysterical day to remember.


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4 responses to “The Explosion !

  • Mnena

    I believe you were the one who thought it was an explosion!!and everybody went with the flow -_-

    as we do in college 😀

    glad you are safe 🙂 ❤

    • Adeem

      You’re kinda right. ok no you’re totally right -_- I was the one who thought that hhhhhh
      Glad you liked it

      • Javi&Palace

        oh, la belle France… j’adore la langue française 🙂

        So, you got really startled? Maybe the french people are already accustomed to those “kinds of explosions”lol, but I am sure the first time they felt one, they got startled too 😉

      • Adeem

        LOL We’re gonna go to U.S.A instead. I studied french last semester but i didnt really like the course. But still i know nothing in French except umm well there’s no expectations either ;p

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