Vision in White

I just finished it ! I love it and definitely I’m gonna buy Savor the Moment the second book or I think the third

I loved their friendship , their business and the weddings style. It’s obviously a “chick flick” book

and the most of all it’s a Happy ending kinda book

God I’m gonna miss them, the four of them ❤

‘n I’ll complete the series and buy the rest.

If you’re a happy ending kinda person you should read it, No you must read it !!

And I can say now that Nora Roberts is the best author of all time

Quotes I liked

  • Yeah, friendship. That was the one thing a woman could always count on.
  • That’s what photographs for – everything changes, so you can preserve what was. Before tomorrow took it all away.
  • Stars always blinding your eyes
  • What a miraculous thing it was to have all of anyone ?
  • Love’s scary, and sometimes it’s transient. But it’s worth the risk and the nerves. It’s even worth the pain.
  • My life opened up, and it flooded with colors when you walked back into it
  • Moments matter. People matter, how the feel, how the connect, who they are alone and together. All that matters, no matter how quickly the moment passes.
  • Why let the maybes, the ifs, the probabilities spoil something so lovely?

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