Hello blogers !

Finally after a year of thinking ! yea its actually been a whole year , I finally decided to sign up and start writing

so this post is just i dunno like an entry ? umm

Yeaa what made me decided to do blogs now is my teacher, she said you have to have blogs Ppl you have to write!

’cause obviously our essays blew her mind 😀 UHAA we’re goood ;d

So I hope that this step is the beginning of a bright future ” The Future of Writing ”

and I hope to write more and more until I become a real writer until I work at any newspaper as a journalist ;D until I write my own book LOL ok I’m gonna stop now.


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3 responses to “Hello blogers !

  • Javi&Palace

    So you are new in the wordpress world, right?

    I encourage you still writing for your readers. if you have any doubt I can help with, just let me know. I would be delighted to help you.

    I started two months ago. Im kind newbie too, but Ive been spending much time on my blog, and I think I can start helping other people who need it as they did with me.



    • Adeem

      Well, that’s a surprise. I really appreciate your offer
      you’ve no idea what your comment did to me.You made my day *_*
      I’m so eager to write and thank you thank you so much

      • Javi&Palace

        Oh, really? Then, I’m glad I made you so happy 🙂

        So what I told you, contact me to javinoborrar@inbox.com or in my blog (www.jptimes.wordpress.com), as you want.

        I love talking with other people. COntact me even if you don’t have any doubt about wordpress, we could talk about whatever you want, argue about posts or wordpress topics and so , do you agree? 😀

        And keep writing, now Im your reader 😉

        nice to meet you.


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