Dear Future Me

Dear future me ..

How are u

What happened you grew up so quickly

But still beautiful

Still holding everything as usual

I bit u did success

You are a good wife

a cute Mom

of adorable amazing 2 children

With a faithful husband

A prince of your dreams

A good father

A charming lover

And the most of all

He’s the one that you loved and you still do

Also he is the man who saved you

Who changed your life

Who u were waiting nights and nights for him

But he did it

He promised and he made it

And you are so proud of him

And you are happy right now cuz he is right here next to you

You did rock my future me

You have an awesome family

So near to perfection ❤

Dear me..

I hope u translated a book

Or what I’m talking about

I think you wrote a book of your own

You became all what I wanted when I was such a little girl ;p


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